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One aspect of this gaming website that could easily catch your attention is our selection of featured games. They are displayed on the center of our frontpage. The most popular games have their own spot on our homepage. Each game is sorted under it's own category based on it's nature. This makes it easy to go directly to the proper section if this is your goal and area of interests. Most games are family and kids friendly. Our games are unique and easy to play since the instructions are quite simple to follow. We have a great collection of classic games, dress up games and logic puzzles to play. Our main focus is to bring you a great gaming environment with a lot of great content for your fun.

We know you love playing free online games and you enjoy playing games. At our online arcade, you can play free games 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can play all kind of games like puzzles, action and adventure games, racing games, sports and shooting games and much more. Our games are very simple and can be played and enjoyed by kids, teenagers and adults. Many of our games are recent, but if you prefer you can play the traditional games like Tetris, Pacman and Arkanoid. You can find many online gaming sites where you can play games for free, but none of those websites are better than our online arcade. At the top of our site, you'll see the top ten most played games. These games have been played even more than any other games on our arcade. A selection of eight featured games are shown on the top of this page, followed by our most recent games.

This site is definitely a real feast for action seekers. There is a unique and wide range of action games available with outstanding graphic quality and addicting music. Try our mario games or sonic games for hours of fun. For race fanatics our arcade offers many good racing games which are sure to entertain you for hours. You might need a lot of control while you play our bike games since they are a lot of fun. Improve your brain performance with our exciting puzzles. If you prefer action games, we have a lot of those to offer. Don't forget our classic arcade games. Those olden classic games won't vanish from your memory. Our sport games are very challenging and once you get to this section it'll be very difficult to leave. A few games are remarkable and are quite interesting. And for girls, we have dress up games where you can practice your fashion and make up styles. If you like to play free games you find your place. The music is really good and is perfectly synchronized with the video and the game. The quality of the graphic is really impressive for a flash game. The graphics are quite natural and the colors are flowing perfectly. Some of our games even use three dimensional graphics.

Below every game you will see the specific instructions which explains in detail how to play each game. Those instructions are very helpful and informative. One of the great feature is that you can play each fun game in full screen mode. Our minclip arcade invites you to personalize its interface. You may also sign up for a free account. You can automatically get updates as new games are released. Don't worry if you lose your password. Simply click on the "Lost Password" link on the top of the homepage and it will guide you through the steps to recover your password.

Our site offers different gaming genres and we claim to be the number one destination for online gaming. Overall, there's plenty to do on for gamers of every skill level. Our online arcade offers a variety of games to satisfy the amateur gamer and the experienced gamer. For those who like that versatility go on and try our games and enjoy the thrill.

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