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Bike Master
Bike Master - Racing Game

Bike Master is a side scrolling motorcycling game, but it offer a unique style of game play. There are many other flash games which involve off road bikes, but none like this one.

The first difference is the fact that you can fall off the bike hundreds of times without losing your life or points. Another important fact is that Bike Master will offer checkpoints throughout the level. This means that if you fall, you will appear at the nearest checkpoint, as opposed to the beginning of the game. This is great because you won't have to focus on minor obstacles just because you are afraid that falling will set you back. A unique feature of the game is the fact that your enter key will turn the rider around. Since the ending of each level is placed on the right side of the screen, this might not seem important, but it actually is. You might have to ride backwards from time to time, just to jump over a few obstacles.

Bike Master is a fast riding game which will grab your attention. You might even notice the background, which seems pretty realistic. The only problem with this game is that you can't save your progress. So, you should start a new game and see how far can you get; you have unlimited life and time and you just have to get over a few obstacles. This is exactly what a racing game should be all about and it won't disappoint you in any way.

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