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Skylark 2
Skylark 2 - Action Game

Skylark 2 is basically the story of Linda and Jane, two girls who are on the board of a fighter plane.

You will start off with 2 lives and you will be able to control the plane with your mouse and shoot with the left mouse click. If you want to play with your keyboard, you can use the WASD keys and the space bar for shooting. Increasing the game speed is also possible with the help of the + and � keys. As soon as you start playing Skylark 2 you have to pay attention to your life bar. It can go down quite rapidly. Planes, tanks, ships and many other enemies will come and you need to destroy them or at least avoid them. By making precise shots, you can increase your accuracy and gain more points. Some of these enemies will come in groups and this is where you need to pay attention and try avoiding their bullets. If you are lucky, you can get power ups which can increase your firepower, improve your health or protect your plane with a shield. You can also shoot towards the barrels; they will explode and cause serious damage to your opposition.

Skylark 2 is a nice action game and you will have fun playing it. You will go through some interesting cities and the enemies which will appear will certainly challenge your skills. If you happen to get shot down, you can take a look at your score and bonus and see if you can improve it.

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