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Hold The Line
Hold The Line - Action Game

Hold The Line is a flash game that is all about protecting your territory. You simply have to resist the attack of oncoming troops for as long as you can, using various weapons.

First, you need to select the difficulty of the game: easy, normal or hard. After that, you will find yourself on the right side of a so called fence and an army of stickmen will be out to get you. You can use your WASD keys for moving and you will aim and shoot with your mouse. Because you will eventually buy some weapons, you can select them with the numeric keys. In Hold The Line, the attackers will start by using knifes and it won't take much to kill them. If you aim for the head, they will die even faster. However, as you receive more money and buy new weapons, the enemy will grow stronger. They will start firing AK-47's at you and even a cow might attack you. Your wall is your life, so you need to protect it from everyone. You have unlimited bullets, but your gun can overheat if you use it continuously. When this happens, you will lose a couple of precious seconds. Between levels, you can fortify your wall with sandbags, improve your health or increase your firepower.

In the end, Hold The Line is a great stickmen game and you will have fun fighting off an entire army. Keep in mind that you only have one life and if they manage to destroy your wall, you will have to start over.

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