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Clinic Escape
Clinic Escape - Action Game

Clinic Escape is a game that covers an interesting subject: escaping from a mental institute. Instead of trying to keep patients from escaping, you will play the role of a madman who is searching for the way out.

You will have to use your madness bar if you want to avoid the medial personnel. Madness can be triggered with the A key, but it won't last more than a few seconds. This attack will basically help you go through enemies and avoid the straitjacket. Your primary attack can be activated with the S key. You will have to pick up various items and throw them towards your enemies. The up and down directional keys can be used if you want to aim before throwing. Because you will have to move around the clinic, you should pick up items and destroy a few doors. You can use space bar if you want jump. The enemies from Clinic Escape will attack you from everywhere, so you need to be careful and look behind you. If you are immobilized 15 times, you lose the game. The only way to avoid this is by throwing the items you can pick up or simply stunning the medical staff with your madness.

Clinic Escape is a great flash game because of its unique topic. The characters are fun to look at and the entire situation is quite funny. Once you get the hang of the gameplay, the game becomes fairly easy and you will be able to escape the clinic in no time.

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