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Pool Master
Pool Master - Sports Game

Pool Master is a complete pool game which will offer you a lot of game play options. The main screen will give you the possibility of choosing between Practicing, Arcade, Challenge and playing against the computer.

The Practice mode can be useful if you want to get the hang of the game. Everything is done by mouse. You must click anywhere on the screen and a line which indicates where the cue ball is likely to go will appear. After that, you have to hold the left mouse button and a power bar will appear. The power will shift constantly, so you have to time your shot correctly and apply just the right amount when hitting the balls. During the game, you will be able to take a look at useful statistics such as how many balls you have pocketed, how many shoots you have taken and your accuracy.

Pool Master has two other interesting game modes. If you choose the Arcade one, you will have to pocket the balls in a short amount of time. Every time you do this, you will get a few extra seconds. As you advance to the next levels, the number of seconds you receive after pocketing a ball will get lower. In the Challenge mode of Pool Master, you will get some interesting challenges. You might have to pocket the balls in just a few seconds, clear the table in only 10 shots or pocket the balls in a certain order. As a last option, you can always play a game of pool against the computer. In this case, you can choose between Straight Pool and 8-Ball Pool and you will get a set of rules which you have to follow.

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