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The Strangers 3
The Strangers 3 - Shooting Game

The Strangers 3 is a game which will send you directly in the middle of a war. You will appear behind a wall with nothing than a pistol, an automatic gun and a rifle.

You can switch between these weapons with the 1, 2 and 3 keys. If you run out of bullets, you will have to take cover by pressing S and reload with the space bar. When you want to start shooting again, press W to show up and shoot your enemies with your mouse. Your health and the resistance of your wall will suffer if you don't kill the attacking forces in time. If you happen to fail the mission, you can start from scratch. In The Strangers 3, the hand pistol will probably be useful when you run out of bullets on the other weapons. The M16 is a great automatic gun and it will take care of most of your enemies. However, some of them will appear far in the background. When this happens, you will have to switch to the rifle and use your scope for a more accurate shot.

If you reach a higher level in The Strangers 3, you can simply enter the password and continue from there, no matter when you return to this flash game. If you want to survive and finish the game, you will have to aim for the head and try not wasting your bullets. You will have no other option but to start from a lower level if you run out of armament.

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