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Elite Forces : Warfare
Elite Forces : Warfare - Action Game

Elite Forces: Warfare begins a new generation of browser based gaming, this time offering a real time strategy game that you normally can't find in a flash game. Similar to the popular game Warcraft, you must build up your empire and fend off enemies while you maintain control of your base.

Elite Forces: Warfare is similar to other strategy games in that you must build up fortifications and attacking force, but it is different from other similar games such as Warcraft and Starcraft because it offers realistic fighting styles. People have a wide variety of guns to use, instead of axes and swords. You can't use magic to heal your team, you must instead find other ways of keeping yourself alive. The creators really went all out with this game, even designing a variety of maps in a similar manner to those of Warcraft and Starcraft. This is a great game to play when you have a bit of time to invest into it since a single round can take over 30 minutes to complete. Don't expect to spend 30 seconds to get enjoyment out of it. However, as a result of this, the game play is much more intense and therefore much more satisfying in the end when you are victorious!

The feature that sets Elite Forces apart from its competition is that it does play in a browser based form. There are some similar and much simpler games, however they don't offer the same degree of complexity as this game, nor do they offer the variety. This is what makes Elite Forces Warfare such a great game to play.

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