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Mario Racing Tournament
Mario Racing Tournament - Racing Game

Mario has always been a popular character and now you can play a flash racing game based on his adventures: Mario Racing Tournament.

You can select one of the 8 available characters, including Mario, Luigi and the Princess. After you pick your favorite, you will have to choose between different maps. The main level contains 8 maps and you can unlock a special one if you have 5 keys. Each Mario Racing Tournament map is basically a classic Mario round, but you will have to race a car against 3 other competitors and you won't have to face many obstacles. The WASD keys are used for movement, but the W key is also used for flying, if you have the special power-up. When you press the Q key, your car will receive a speed boost. After you use the speed boost once, you will have to wait a while until it charges back up again. You can use 4 speed boost packs in each race. If you happen to collect a few items, you can use them by pressing the space bar. You can fire missiles and stop your competitors and your car can get faster and larger if you find the right power-up.

Mario Racing Tournament is an exciting game, but you have to finish first if you want to complete the map. If you gather coins during the race, you can go to the shop and buy upgrades. This will make future races easier and the game will be much more entertaining.

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