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Glamour Parking
Glamour Parking - Racing Game

Glamour Parking is a fun strategy based game where you race the clock to park as many cars as you can without hitting the obstacles. It is a rather simple game, but offers hours of fun with the high scores board. You can see the best scores of the day, of the week and of all time, and then try and beat them to get your name on the leader board.

The object of the game is quite simple, park as many cars as you possibly can without hitting any obstacles. Glamour Parking makes it different from other car parking games by adding in obstacles which you cannot hit. If you hit one, you get penalized. You have to park in a specific spot (which is clearly marked by a blinking Park Here light), and it gets harder as time progresses because sometimes you will have to park between 2 cars, while also avoiding obstacles.

The controls in Glamour Parking are quite simple: Up arrow moves you forward, Down arrow moves you back, and the left and right arrows steer you in the way of the respective directions. There are no brakes, instead you just go the opposite direction of travel. The makers of the game did a fantastic job of making the virtual cars react similarly to a real car. You can't go from full speed to full stop immediately, it takes time. This, combined with the short time span of each game (usually less than 5 minutes per round) makes Glamour Parking a fun game to keep you entertained for days.

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