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Frenzydrive - Racing Game

Frenzydrive is a 3D car racing flash game. Your job is to drive a car on a straight road and you only have to avoid a few obstacles and collect some points if you want to win.

You can't choose between different cars, you don't have a time limit and you are the only driver involved in the race. There are many hazards down the road and you just have to use your left and right directional keys to avoid them. You can't accelerate or brake. You will have to avoid incoming traffic, tires, potholes and water bottles. Basically, the only item that you can run over without getting damaged is the gift box. It will give you 100 points. In Frenzydrive, you will start with 3 lives and you will lose them if the health meter is drained. This doesn't happen as rapidly as you might expect; in fact, you will go through many head on collisions before you will lose a life. You can also take a look at the distance meter and see how far you are from the end of the game. If you lose all lives, you will have to start over.

In conclusion, Frenzydrive is a very simple, but fun to play flash game. You don't have to think about complicated scenarios or strategies. The car will accelerate on its own and you just have to steer it away from hazards. If you have fast reaction times, you will surely get a high score and you will enjoy playing this game.

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