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Bmx Master
Bmx Master - Sports Game

BMX Master is an addicting flash game offering more than other browser-based BMX games normally do. It forces you to use both hands to complete a slew of tricks in an attempt to get more points without crashing.

Unlike other games, BMX Master gives you the option to move both forwards and backwards. Often times in browser-based BMX and action sports games, you are only able to move forwards. Moving backwards gives you the ability to go back over certain parts of the course and do tricks with a completely different style course.

Other BMX flash games don't allow you to do tricks, however BMX Master does. It makes for more enjoyable game play, and it also adds hours of game play which other games don't have. Instead of just reaching the end of a map, like other games, you have to reach a certain amount of points by completing tricks. If you land improperly then you crash, and you must start again to get your points. It can get frustrating for a while because getting the necessary points (like 500 in the first level) takes a few minutes to do without crashing, so every time that you crash you must start over.

BMX Master has raised the bar for browser-based BMX games, and will ensure that you have many hours of fun and enjoyable game play to keep you entertained when other flash games are not enough. Stop playing other games and start playing BMX Master today to quench your thirst for a great game!

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