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Space Beats Space Beats
Category: Action miniclips
Rating: 0.00/5.00 after 0 votes
Times Played: 14 times

Play along to the beat of the music by pressing the correct arrow keys in time with the beat (don't worry, more detailed instructions are in-game). To win, get to the end of each song without your crowd approval (top left corner in-game) reaching 0. A neat feature of this game is that you're able to load songs from your computer and play with them instantly, because Space Beats analyzes the song on-the-go to find its beat and creates the gameplay in real-time. So if you don't like the songs we've packaged with the game, you'll be fine :) Enjoy the game! Here are some hints to help you out: -Don't get too distracted by the background graphics, try to focus on the arrows. -Focus on the arrows closest to the goal, and be ready to press those specific arrow keys. Planning even a half-second ahead can make playing the game much easier. -Every once in a while, glance up at your crowd approval (top-left corner of the game) to make sure it's not too low. If it is, you'd better start trying harder - if your crowd approval gets to 0, you lose! Have fun! -littleMonsterGames.

Space Beats is a Action miniclips presented to you by . Space Beats is rated 0.00 out of 5.00 after being voted by 0 players. This miniclip was played 14 times.

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