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DogFight 2
DogFight 2 - Action Game

Dogfight 2 is one of the best flash aircraft fighting simulators around. You just have to use up and down for navigation, the space bar for shooting and shift or ctrl for dropping bombs.

Dogfight 2 is a game where you will receive a number of missions and you have 5 lives available for accomplishing these tasks. You will get points depending on your results. The main fire ammunition is unlimited, but the larger bombs are not, so you need to use them only when it is absolutely necessary. Each level will consist of a certain task and the game will only be automatically saved at certain stages. You might have to shot down a couple of airplanes, a bigger one or destroy the base. There are many different types of missions and the only way to finish them is to be a better pilot than your enemies are. The evasive techniques that can be used in Dogfight 2 are easy to master. You can start with a simple 360 loop, which will keep your enemies off your tail. The same effect can be obtained by plummeting to the earth or by flying through clouds or close to the ground. These are the 4 methods of escaping enemy fire and they will give you precious seconds for striking back.

Dogfight 2 is truly a great flying game and you will surely find it difficult to stop playing it. Luckily, if you quit and return later, you can start from a higher level.

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