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Shorty Covers
Shorty Covers - Shooting Game

Shorty Covers is the beginning of a new era of browser based shooters, offering more capabilities that even most classic video game systems can offer in a single game. Shorty Covers allows you to use a scoped weapon, which most other flash games do not. It lets you zoom in and out, and it even offers realistic movement due to breathing! No other browser based shooter can say that, at least not yet!

Another incredible feat that Shorty Covers has accomplished is a storyline. Instead of just asking you to run into the building and shoot all the bad guys, you have to use strategy and look at things from a different perspective. Follow the story line to get a good feeling for what you should do.

Another nice feature of Shorty Covers is the speed of play. It is very fast paced, so you are constantly thinking about what to do next and trying to spot out enemies before they have a chance to shoot you. It brings tactics into your playing, because you will need to actually take a moment to consider your options before just shooting everyone in range.

The last and possibly coolest feature of Shorty Covers is the graphics. They are not meant to be realistic, but instead they are designed to be stick figures. Haven�t you always dreamed of bringing your stick figure drawings to life? Well now you can in this action packed shooter that will keep you playing for hours and hours on end!

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