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Spec Ops
Spec Ops - Shooting Game

Spec Ops is a fabulous browser-based first person shooter. There isn't much storyline, but that doesn't matter. The whole point is to aim and shoot. You are supposed to get rid of all your opponents in a certain level without dying. It gets harder at each level as there are more ennemies and more obstacles to avoid. For example, in level 4 you have to go without shooting the innocent civilians, but just make sure to shoot the right guys (who have guns and shoot at you).

Spec Ops is unique because it offers you 3 different weapons instead of 1 simple gun. Each has its advantages so you must learn to use them strategically. There are 2 rifles and a pistol, but they all hold different amounts of ammo and have different sized bullets. You have to learn to shoot towards the head and chest otherwise they just won't fall down and will continue to deal damage.

Another great feature of Spec Ops is that there are multiple levels instead of a single, but very long, level. Many flash based shooting games do not offer multiple levels, and it makes it more frustrating when you have to start over from the very simple beginning to get to the end of the game where the difficult part begins. You can also jump around from level to level, so you don't have to start at level 1 if you don't want to. If you find a level you like, you don't have to go through many other levels to play it, but you can just jump right into the action.

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