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Super Mario Flash
Super Mario Flash - Adventure Game

Super Mario Flash is the perfect game for anyone who enjoyed the Mario series. You will certainly recognize the graphics of this game even from the first menu screen.

You will have to choose between playing with Mario or Luigi and you can also create your own custom level. As soon as you start the game, you will have to face those classic enemies. You have to collect coins, stars for invincibility, flowers for firepower and mushrooms if you want to get bigger. You need to avoid the flowers which come out of the sewers and time your jumps properly because most of them are quite long. You can move your player with the directional keys, crouch with the down arrow and throw fireballs with the space bar, but only after you've collected this powerup. At the select level screen, you will have to move your character over a map and choose your level. After you unlock new Super Mario Flash levels, you can return to previous ones to get more points and power-ups. At the end of each level you will have to jump on a flag post as high as you can and gain bonus points.

Rounds consist of 4 levels and a castle. You have 5 lives at your disposal and if you lose them all, you will have to start again. Super Mario Flash can be quite entertaining because new enemies will often appear. You will have to fight flying ducks, canons or race between moving platforms. One thing is sure; you won't get bored.

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