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Ben 10 Cavern Run
Ben 10 Cavern Run - Adventure Game

Ben 10 Cavern Run is a game which will put your brain to the test.

Ben 10 will usually appear at the left side of the screen on a platform and you need to help him get to the exit door. The only tool that you can use for achieving this is a laser which you can draw with the help of your mouse. You need to figure out a path and you can only create platforms and walls. The problem gets even harder to solve because Ben 10 will start running in 3 seconds from when you first see the map. The good part about Ben 10 Cavern Run is that you will have 10 lives. If you manage to create a loop for trapping Ben until you figure out the solution, you will usually get around 2000 seconds for getting to the next level. Ben 10 footsteps are counted and he can also gather bonus points if you send him on the right track. There are a few traps and you will also notice a door which helps your character mutate.

In the ideal situation, you will be able to send Ben 10 on the shortest route and gather all bonus points. This will be possible at first, but Ben 10 Cavern Run is a game which gets difficult after just a few levels. If you spend enough time playing it, you will surely come up with some interesting solutions. The best part about this game is that every new level will be completely different and your laser route will certainly have a great effect on Ben 10.

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