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Hulk: Smash Up
Hulk: Smash Up - Action Game

Hulk Smash Up is a great flash game starring The Hulk. You have to cause as much damage as possible in 2 and a half minutes, while the army is doing its best to stop you.

You control The Hulk with the directional keys, the space bar is used for smashing and the control key is used for jumping. You will have to destroy the buildings that appear on the screen. The first level comes with 3 buildings and a tram is the only thing that can hurt you. You can climb on the structures to avoid it or simply jump on the tram if you want to gain points. After all of the buildings are completely destroyed, you will advance to the second level. Here you will face an army vehicle and some machinegun fire. If you get hit, you will lose a few seconds and if you manage to destroy the military vehicles before they drive off, you will gain a couple of seconds. Hulk Smash Up will only get harder because a tank will start shooing missiles and a helicopter will cause you some damage.

When the time bar hits zero, you will turn into a normal person and the game will be over. There is no way to avoid this from happening, so you have to be fast and destroy as many buildings as possible. You can reach an advanced level in Hulk Smash Up if you avoid getting hit and if you get the job done rapidly.

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