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Uphill Rush 2
Uphill Rush 2 - Racing Game

Uphill Rush 2 is a fabulously made racing game that combines both technique and speed to make one of the best flash based motocross racing games ever.

Uphill Rush 2 is very challenging and actually takes quite some time to beat. Unlike other uphill motocross games, you have a limited amount of lives. If you use them all, then the game is over. You also have a time limit, so you have to watch your speed. There are multiple levels and loads of customizations available. With every trick you complete, you get money for it, which you can use to buy new vehicles and clothing items. Different vehicles have different looks and you can also change the colors of both your clothes and vehicle.

Another unique feature of Uphill Rush 2 is the high scores. You are able to submit your score and see how you rank compared to the rest of the world. Although you might not be #1 at first, with some practice and a bit of luck, your score on Uphill Rush 2 may be one of the best!

The most distinguishing feature of Uphill Rush 2 is the addition of tracks that make your rider go upside down completely. It is one thing to ride up a wall, but when your character is completely upside down, a whole new level of difficulty is added. This is a unique feature that distinguishes this awesome game from others. You are ensured hours of game play and you will be on the edge of your seat the whole time.

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