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Girl Fight
Girl Fight - Action Game

Flash boxing games are not that common, especially the ones which involve celebrities, but you can find some interesting ones such as Girl Fight. This is a bare knuckle fight between you and a few female celebrities.

All you have to do is pick a fight with Ciara, Beyonce Knowles, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Lindsay Lohan or Lil Kim. After you choose your competitor, you have to decide if you want her to be a "wimp" or "tuff". You will only see your fists and you have to use the directional keys: left arrow for a left hook, up arrow for blocking and right arrow for right hook. There are two health gauges on the screen and you can easily see who is winning the Girl Fight. If you happen to lose, Lil Wayne will be the one who gives you the bad news. After that, you can pick another fight. You will most likely notice some changes when punching your opponent: they will get black eyes, broken lips and a lot of blood will be flying around. Using the block key is quite effective and you can basically hold the arrow for an entire battle and you won't get hurt at all. However, every time you try hitting your opponent, you will be vulnerable.

Girl Fight is not an advanced flash game, but it is quite fun even without high quality graphics. You can enjoy a bare knuckle fight with a few famous women and you won't get a scratch on your body.

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