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Thing Thing 4
Thing Thing 4 - Shooting Game

Amazing browser based shooter game that combines many elements that you would only normally expect to have in a console game. It has things like a story line, which you don't normal think of having when you play a flash game.

Thing Thing 4 separates itself from the competition by focusing on fun game play that fits well with the story line. You have escaped from a research facility and they don't want you to escape, so you fight off hundreds of guards and other gun men while you try and make your way to freedom. This wonderful game provides hours of fun while still being easy enough for you to play when you're trying to reduce some stress.

The weapons cycling system is very similar to a console game. You use your scroll wheel to cycle through various weapons, or simply press the space bar to drop your current weapon. It makes game play much easier. In this game quantity of bullets is sometimes more important than quality. If one of your guns runs out, you don't want to have to click an icon on your screen to cycle through to the next weapon, and that is one reason why Thing Thing 4 is able stand above other shooting games.

Another feature is the simplistic style of the game. It seems very basic and primitive in its graphics, but that doesn't even seem to bother you given the amazing game play that is going on at the same time. Thing Thing 4 gets you into the game and keeps you engaged until the very end.

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