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Max Dirt Bike 2
Max Dirt Bike 2 - Racing Game

Fantastic motocross game where the whole point of the game is to get your biker to ride from the starting point, across the extraneous terrains, and into the finish zone. It may seem simple, but each level offers new and exciting challenges to keep you addicted!

Unlike it's competitors, Max Dirt Bike 2 focuses on making the game challenging and exciting, but still playable. A lot of similar games are either too easy or too hard. If a game is too easy, it usually has too many repetitive levels which get boring and tedious after a short while. If it is too hard, the player gets frustrated and quits shortly, while only completing a few of the levels. Max Dirt Bike 2 is a challenge, making you clear large gaps and going over ridiculous terrains, but it isn't so hard that you can't beat it. If you aren't able to navigate a level the first time, you will at least know what to expect for the next attempt in hopes that you might be able to finish it. It might annoy you at first, not being able to finish a flash game on the first try, but Max Dirt Bike 2 is definitely worth the patience.

The other unique feature of Max Dirt Bike 2 is the way the maps are built. Instead of making the graphics look realistic, they are very clean cut with simple solid colors and shapes that make it easier on your eyes so you can focus on getting your rider across the map instead of determining whether or not a bush looks real enough.

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