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Manic Rider
Manic Rider - Racing Game

Manic Rider is a browser-based biking game. The object of the game is to move your rider across the stage without falling off of your bike. With 10 levels in total, game play can go on for hours.

The controls are quite simple, you use W and S to go backwards and forwards, and control the way your rider is leaning with A and D. Many similar games are very easy because you can move your character very slowly and precisely to get to the finish, but that isn't possible anymore. You must combine both precision and speed to clear gaps and large hills. The game takes some getting used to, but it isn't repetitive as each level has its own unique set of challenges. The first level gives you a glimpse of the difficulty of the entire game. Most games start off easy and get harder a few levels in, however this is not the case. You are immediately put to the test with your abilities to judge your speed and how far you have to go, because if you go too fast you could flip over and fall off of your bike!

Manic Rider is able to combine easy and fun game play with difficult and fast paced challenges to form a great flash game that ensures hours of intense game play. When searching for a fun flash game to play, Manic Rider should definitely be on the top of your list. It stimulates you and also entices you to keep playing it again and again.

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Manic Rider