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Batman's Gotham Dark Night
Batman's Gotham Dark Night - Action Game

Batman's Gotham Dark Night is an action flash game in which you will have to do your best to defuse some bombs and save the day.

The Joker will appear at the beginning of each level and he will plant a number of bombs which will detonate in as little as 3 seconds. You will only be able to take a quick look at the screen and the countdown will begin. You can use the directional keys for movement and once you reach a bomb, you just have to press the down key to defuse it. It will take less than a second, but after that you will have to start running and defuse the rest of the bombs. If you want to win at Batman's Gotham Dark Night you need to plan ahead and be careful. One minor mistake can cost you a life and you only receive 3 of them. If you spot an extra life and you have the time to get to it, you should certainly take it. The game is quite difficult and if you lose all of your lives you will have to start from the first level. You can gain bonus points by defusing the bombs as fast as possible. There are many moving cranes and conveyor belts and this means that you have to synchronize your movements perfectly.

Batman's Gotham Dark Night will only get harder as you advance, but your skills will also improve and you will figure out the perfect path for defusing the bomb in no time.

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