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Hulk Central Smashdown
Hulk Central Smashdown - Action Game

Hulk Central Smashdown is a great flash game based on Hulk. You will certainly find the intro interesting, but let's take a look at the game play.

You will play as hulk, who happens to be surrounded by many robots. You will see Hulk from the sky and you get a mini map which shows you the position of the robots. This is very important because you have to left click and hold to build power for your jumps. During this period, a green circle will appear around Hulk and it will extend. If a robot touches it, not only you will have to start over, but your life bar will get emptier. The objective of Hulk Central Smashdown is to crush as many robots as you can. The higher the jump, the larger the effect on your enemies. You will also have to crush a different type of robot which will leave a power-up behind it. You can either get invincibility, which will allow you to charge your jump for as long as you want without being affected by robots, or you can get rage, which will allow you to run over robots and get extra points. Both of these power-ups will only last a few seconds, but you will certainly like them. If you want to see which robots offer rage and invincibility, check the mini map for green dots. Keep in mind that you have to crush them, if you just run into them, you will lose health.

The only thing that can kill you in Hulk Central Smashdown is touching robots or making low jumps which aren't really effective.

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