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Batman The Cobblebot Caper
Batman The Cobblebot Caper - Action Game

Batman the Cobblebot Caper is your basic side-scrolling flash game. The story starts with a robbery at the bank of Gotham. As you are heading towards the location, you will be able to experiment with your attack keys A, S and D. A is used for throwing the Batarang, S is used for punching and D is for kicking. The space bar is used for jumping and holding it down will make batman glide safely to the ground. Besides these, you will also have to use the directional keys for moving.

In Batman the Cobblebot Caper, you will have to fight some bad guys. This will prove to be an easy task at first and you won't have problems fighting off 8 or 10 people at a time, just like in the movie. However, it will get harder as you progress. The first mission involves the Penguin, but there are a few other famous characters which will make an appearance. The Batarang can be a great weapon if you don't want to get hit at all and you will be able to get it in packs of 5 which can be found all over the game. You can also recharge your life bar if you find a yellow bat sign. In the beginning, you get 5 lives and if you die you start from the last level.

Batman the Cobblebot Caper is a great game because it won't let you wonder on. Tips will appear on the screen in certain situations and they are certainly helpful.

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