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Bikini Bottom Carnival
Bikini Bottom Carnival - Action Game

Bikini Bottom Carnival is a nice flash game starring Spongebob and Patrick, the famous characters from the animated series. You can play the game alone or with a friend and you will have to choose between these two characters. Many flash games lack multiplayer mode, but you won't have to face this problem here.

After you make your choice, you will be sent to the carnival screen. This is in fact a collection of mini games and here is where you make your decision. You just have to hover above the tents to get a minor description of your options. Most of the games are timed and you simply have to get the highest score possible in 3 minutes. There are 9 games included in Bikini Bottom Carnival and you will control your character with the help of your keyboard. Most of the games are all about reaction time. You will have to press certain keys when an event happens. For example, you have to hit the sequence that appears on the screen and your character will start making Sundaes. The faster you type, the higher your score. Another game involves catching stars which fall from the sky, while avoiding electric ells.

Bikini Bottom Carnival can be fun to play if you are interested in setting high scores. This is all about dexterity and some of the games are quite entertaining. Plus, you will be able to see Spongebob in some unusual situations and even play the game with one of your friends.

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