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Ray Part 2
Ray Part 2 - Adventure Game

If you are tired of shooting games which don't have any type of storyline and where all the bodies disappear as soon as you shoot them, you should try Ray Part 2.

This is the best flash game of its kind, if you are looking for a mixture between an action movie and a flash game. You get to make all the decisions and you can watch the story unfold. There will be a lot of mini games to play, but the main action will always be based on your decisions. You choose where to go, when to do it and what to do there. Some of the options from which you can choose are opposite, so the entire storyline can be changed based on one decision. Most of the options are valid, but if you happen to make the wrong decision and you get yourself killed, you can retry. This is also the case for the mini games which you fail to complete. A plus for Ray Part 2 is the fact that you don't have to play the games you don't like. You can simply click skip and go to the next event. Some of these games include shooting with a sniper or killing an entire band of drug dealers.

Ray Part 2 is uncensored, so don't be surprised if you see a lot of blood, decapitated heads or people urinating. The only two differences between this game and an adventure movie is that you get to make all the decisions and that the characters are drawn similar to those from South Park.

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