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A Day At High School
A Day At High School - Adventure Game

A day at high school is more of a riddle-type flash game. Instead of the usual scenarios you might see online, here you will have to stop and think of the solution before doing anything else. You will have to use your mouse for all of your actions and you basically have to click on the items you see in the level for completing your goal. This is your only tool and you will also get the help of an inventory which might prove to be quite useful.

In the A day in high school story, you will have to guide a little boy through some everyday tasks. The game starts with the problem of waking up in the morning. Even if you don't mange to solve it, you get the chance to see and play the next level. If the problems get too hard, there is a hint button that can help you out. Each level is timed and has only one solution. You have to make your moves in the right order if you want to succeed.

If you run out of lives, you will be able to continue from your last level and see if you can come up with another strategy.A day at high school can be quite entertaining in this case and you will surely enjoy the feeling of solving a complicated riddle in just a few seconds. The game becomes a challenge later on and the levels will only get harder. If you can do it without clicking on the hints button, even better!

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