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Naughty Office
Naughty Office - sexy strategy game -Adventure Game

Naughty Office is a great way to relieve stress while at the office, as long as you don't get caught playing it! Naughty Office is a sexy strategic game that makes you think. You have to do things in specific orders to get your boss out of her office and out of her clothes.

Not only is Naughty Office sexy, but there is a large part of it that is strategic. You must move things in the right order to make certain events happen. For example, if you push the correct order of buttons inside the fuse box, it makes the air conditioner go off, which in turn makes your boss take off her shirt and open the blinds. Other actions trigger other events, so you must always think outside of the box in order for the game to be as sexy as possible.

Because of it's suggestive themes, Naughty Office isn't suggested for children. It isn't horribly sexy, so you won't get in trouble if your wife catches you, however you will be a bit embarrassed. The game doesn't focus on storyline as much as it focuses on strategy and sexiness. It was built in the style of a strategy game, if you complete the puzzle, you get a reward. In some games, your reward is a new level, in others you get a bonus or an upgrade. These games are a thing of the past. In Naughty Office, you get to see your boss lose some of her clothes and get sexy!

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