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Naughty Elevator
Naughty Elevator - Adventure Game

If you like flash puzzle games, you will surely enjoy playing Naughty Elevator.

You will find yourself trapped in an elevator for 240 seconds along with a hot girl, a strong guy and an old man. You have to follow a series of hints and if you execute some actions in the correct order, the girl will end up wearing almost no clothes. The first hint will show you how Naughty Elevator is played. You simply have to click on a few items in the right order and an action will take place. For example, you can draw the attention of those three persons with the alarm, while you tie the dental floss to the skirt over the old man's cane. This way, the girl will slap the old man, thinking he was the one lowering her skirt. After that, the clues get harder, but it doesn't take much to finish the game. The sooner you figure out the proper combination of actions, the higher your score will be. If you don't finish the game in 240 seconds, you will have to start over.

This is a simple flash game, but it can be fun to play, especially if you like puzzle games. If you haven't played this type of game before, you might find it difficult at first, but all you have to do is focus and take a good look at the hints. This way, you will certainly finish Naughty Elevator in no time and you might even get a high score.

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