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Mafia Driver 2
Mafia Driver 2 - Racing Game

Mafia Driver 2 is a browser based flash game that combines precise movements and quick times to make a fun game to keep you sitting on the edge of your seat!

One unique feature of Mafia Driver 2 is the obstacles. Most flash based driving games have obstacles, but none have ones as unique and well thought out as Mafia Driver 2. There are animals that you can hit for money, and cars you must avoid to keep a low profile from the police. You have to steer your way in and out of the city street in an attempt to hit as many of the targets as possible. Avoiding other obstacles, like walls and buildings, is also important, because if you crash then you alert the police and lose the game.

Another fun feature which Mafia Driver 2 has is realistic driving. A lot of driving games allow you to stop just by going into reverse or hitting the brakes, and this is very unrealistic. The car makes it necessary to go slowly around corners and slow down before you get to a wall or another obstacle. If you hit an obstacle, you must start from the beginning. It does seem repetitive, but it keeps you from messing up. There is also plenty of time to think about what you are doing, like which way you should face when driving down a street and how fast you should travel to get there as quickly and efficiently as possible without alerting the police. Mafia Driver 2 promises to be a great game in a series which should have many more fabulous games in the future.

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