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Fish For Girls
Fish For Girls - Sports Game

Fish For Girls is a fun 6 level flash game. You just have to fish some girls out of the pool in less than 35 seconds and see if you have enough points to advance to the next level.

Fish For Girls can be only be played with the keyboard and you will have to use the directional keys and the space bar. Keep in mind that you don't have that much time on your hands and you should start fishing as soon as the game begins. You will have to aim with the left and right directional keys. Catching a girl will give you some points, but catching a mermaid is much better. After you aim, you just have to press the space bar and wait for the cast bar to appear. When the cursor reaches the green zone, you have to press the space bar again. Everything happens quite rapidly, but you will get used to the system eventually. If you hit the space bar at precisely the right moment, you will catch a girl. When this happens, you have to tap the right and left directional keys as fast as you can and keep the reel in bar in the green zone. If you do this correctly, the judges will score you according to your performance. If not, you might catch a guy that will punch you or other items which will only waste your time.

Fish For Girls is a 6 level game and you will have to catch more and more girls if you want to finish the game.

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