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Wheels of Fury 2
Wheels of Fury 2 - Racing Game

Fast paced derby game based off of the Cartoon Network television series Ed, Edd and Eddy. You are able to play as one of the main characters from the show and select a different car. It is similar to the popular game Mario Kart, except instead of racing you bump into other karts.

Each character in Wheels of Fury 2 has his own unique ability he can use in the middle of the battle to increase the abilities of his opponents. Edd, for example, has the ability to splatter boogers on his enemies and make them move slower (which means the amount of damage they deal is much lower).

A nice feature of Wheels of Fury 2 is the ability to buy upgrades and change vehicles. This adds hours of fun and excitement as you play with the different characters and vehicles. After you win a competition, you are rewarded with some money which can be used to buy such upgrades. These upgrades can be different vehicles as well as upgrades to current vehicles to make them stronger.

Wheels of Fury 2 also offers multiple different levels to play on, so that you aren't playing the same course for hours and hours while you try and unlock every possible upgrade there is. Most games of this style only offer one course, but not this one. Wheels of Fury 2 offers more content than your average browser based derby game, while still being easy enough for younger children to play.

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