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Ironman Flight Test 2
Ironman Flight Test 2 - Action Game

Wonderful game for kids of all ages, even those who are 42 years old. It uses simple controls (up, down, left and right arrows, as well as space bar) so that you won't get confused with buttons at any age, but it is complex enough to challenge even a professional gamer.

Iron Man Flight Test 2 is based off of the movie Iron Man, where a billionaire weapons designer creates a suit from scrap metal to escape terrorists when he is captured. After he escapes, he thinks of making another, more advanced suit to have some fun with. It gives him the ability to fly at very fast speeds and even fly very high. He uses his suit in a final battle against one of the terrorists who finds his old suit and re-assembles the pieces.

The game play is quite simple: avoid all the other flying objects. Over time you can build up a charge which can be used to destroy all of the enemies on the screen, but this only offers a temporary relief as more enemies constantly approach. It is similar to a few classic arcade free games in which you are supposed to avoid enemy flight crafts. Many of those games can be found on our friend arcade site given above.

Because Iron Man Flight Test 2 is based off of the movie, the game contains a soundtrack from the movie. It really puts you inside the game, bringing you back to the big scenes of the movie when Iron Man is flying around in his suit at night, traveling hundreds of miles an hour and avoiding all the oncoming obstacles.

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