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King's Island
King's Island - Adventure Game

In the adventure game King's Island, a king is facing a riot and a large part of his army is on a different battle field. His only solution is to find a strong man who can take care of a riot on his own. You will play the role of this character, but as soon as the game starts, you will face some challenges.

Instead of arriving on the island with weapons and support, your boat will sink and you will have to fight off the riot with your bare hands. Luckily, there are some weapons that you can find and this will increase your chances of surviving. The controls of King's Island are not that complicated; the mouse is used for most of your actions and the keyboard is used for pausing the game or as a short way of reaching certain items. As you advance further and further into the island, you will get more and more items. These items are kept in your inventory and you can drag and drop them to your action bar. You will find new weapons and a variety of potions. Most of the villagers are pretty easy to kill, but some of them carry bows and you will also have to deal with a few stronger characters along the way. Your abilities will get better as you progress and you will find better weapons, but the villagers will also grow stronger.

King's Island is a great adventure game and you will surely get used to the controls rapidly. After that, it is all about stopping the riot.

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