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Top Truck
Top Truck - Racing Game

Top Truck is a straight forward monster car racing game. You won't have to race against other trucks, but against the time. You just have to choose one of the 3 available cars and the appropriate color and you can start playing.

The controls are easy to guess, the up arrow is used for accelerating, the down arrow for reversing and the left and right arrows will keep you balanced. You will start with a one minute time limit and you need to finish the course if you want to advance to the second level. The distance gauge will tell you how much more you will have to drive until you reach the end of the current level. You have a health gauge which will get affected if the car's bodywork touches the ground or other obstacles. You can collect repair kits which will restore some of your health. If you tip over, you will have to restart the level. The fun part about Top Truck is that you can crush various cars. You will see Mini Coopers', limousines and many other cars exploding under the weight of your monster truck. The length of the course will increase as you advance and this will happen along with the difficulty. You can't just slow down and hope you'll finish because some of the tracks will require speed and you will have to perform some high jumps.

A good part about Top Truck is that you can always restart the level, no matter how many times you fail. This way, you can try different strategies without worrying about having to start all over again.

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