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Metal Mayhem
Metal Mayhem - Racing Game

If you like car games, but you are not a fan of racing, you should try playing Metal Mayhem. Here you won't have to worry about who finishes the race first because there will be one winner only; the car who manages to destroy the other 3 cars on the track.

There are 4 cars to choose from and you will control yours with the directional keys. You will get some weapons even from the first stage and you can switch between them with the Z key and fire with the C key. The X key is used for drifting. You will get unlimited small rockets even from the beginning and 4 larger rockets. You can choose between 3 different stages and 4 difficulty levels, but only after you unlock them. You will get points for each car you destroy and you can buy extra upgrades at the end of each level. In Metal Mayhem, you won't have to race at all. The stage is square and there are a few blocks which can help you hide, but you will just have to shoot your opponents. You can collect extra points, extra missiles and extra health if you find them around the stage. Each round is timed, but the damage meter will be empty way before the end of the round.

In the end, Metal Mayhem is a great flash game because you can try out 4 different cars and enjoy the challenge posed by harder difficulty levels. If you lose one round, you can simply try again without losing any points.

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