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Extreme Mountain Bike Race
Extreme Mountain Bike Race - Racing Game

Extreme Mountain Bike Race is a racing game that starts with a team selection screen. You can pick between a few different team colors and continue to the difficulty level screen. Playing a round on easy, medium or hard is not different just because of the difficulty; each level will be completely different and the weather will change accordingly.

Extreme Mountain Bike Race is a 3 player race. You have to be the fastest of three laps, but you also need to keep your eye on the time. You only get around 20 seconds of time and if you don't reach a checkpoint during this period, you won't be allowed to continue the race. The bike is controlled by the directional keys and the space bar is used for jumping. If you know what you're doing, you can go through some shortcuts and get the advantage you need for a perfect win. However, don't forget about the checkpoints. Because the biker will get tired, you need to collect bottles of Aqua energy drink. This will give him an energy and speed boost. The only ways to increase your time is by passing through a checkpoint or by collecting bottles of water. There are many obstacles and you will have to avoid them all if you want to win the race. Hitting a tree will knock you down and you will lose valuable seconds.

Extreme Mountain Bike Race is a very realistic bike racing game and you should try it if you want to test your bicycle riding skills.

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