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Traffic Slam
Traffic Slam - Racing Game

Fun and destructive racing style game. The object of the game is to cause as much monetary damage as possible. This is accomplished by going very fast and hitting very large vehicle, such as buses and semi trucks. Traffic Slam isn't your typical destruction game, you must strategically cause damage to earn the most points. Your score is based off of the estimated monetary cost of the damage you have done. For example, you can crash into a bus, which then sets the bus on fire. Other nearby cars also crash into this bus because they aren't paying attention, and your car is totaled as well. This would add up to tens of thousands of dollars in repairs in real life, as well as in the game. A move like that would probably get you about $150,000 worth of damage, not a bad score for a beginner.

Traffic Slam also has amazing graphics for being a flash game. The explosions look quite good, almost realistic at times. The cars look similar to arcade racing games, possibly even better. You really get the feel of an arcade game when you play Traffic Slam, and that is what they aimed for. No arcade game would allow you to cause damage, they would want you to prevent it, and that is what makes this game better than it's competitors in the field of racing games.

Because of the themes in Traffic Slam, it is not suggested for younger children as they might start forming bad habits, believing that they will get praised for causing car damage.

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