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Street Sesh
Street Sesh - Sports Game

Fun skateboarding game that you can play from your very own web browser. Similar to other skateboarding games (such as those in the Tony Hawk series), you are sure to have fun while playing your way through this fun and exciting game.

Street Sesh is a downhill racing game, so you can only go forwards and side to side. Needless to say, the first Tony Hawk game was also in this style. This game combines good graphics along with many trick combinations to form a fun skateboarding game that you can keep on playing. Street Sesh offers many awesome tricks you can perform, as well as many places to perform them. While riding through the game, there are many ramps placed to help you increase the height of your jumps, and there are also some strategically placed objects (railings, benches, etc) that you can use for grinding. Grinding is when you use your skateboard to glide across the surface, be it the edge of a park bench or a railing. In normal skateboarding it can take weeks of practice to get one grind down, but luckily the creators of Street Sesh made it easy enough to grind. Just jump onto an object an your character does the rest.

The other strong feature of Street Sesh is the graphics. The designers obviously put a lot of time and effort into them. As most flash games use simple stick graphics, they don't have any features which particularly make them look realistic. The skater actually moves like a real person and even looks like one as well.

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