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Downhill Jam
Downhill Jam - Sports Game

Downhill Jam is a great 3D skateboarding game. You will play the role of a skateboarder trying to get across the city. As the title says, all you have to do is go downhill, from point A to B.

A good part about this game is that you won't be restricted. There are a couple of ways of getting downhill and you will be able to explore them on your own. The space bar is used for doing ollies', the up arrow for gaining speed, the down arrow for power sliding and the rest for steering. There are two types of boxes that you have to collect in Downhill Jam. One of them is a simple one which will offer you points and the one that glows will give you a new pair of shoes and bonus points. You need to avoid a few obstacles, including parked cars, potholes, trash cans and traffic. There are a few ramps which might help you gain air combos and extra points, but you need to hit them dead on. You will see some blood effects if you happen to lose your equilibrium or hit something, but you will get up right away and time is not important in this game. You just need to gain as many points as possible by collecting boxes and doing combos and you can take a look at your final score compared to others.

Overall, Downhill Jam is a fun and easy to play flash game with great 3D graphics.

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