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Sewer Run
Sewer Run - Sports Game

An alternative to skateboarding is using a longboard. This is the topic of the game Sewer Run. You will get to ride down a sewer on a longboard and you have to beat the competition.

This game is not as simple as it seems. You can customize your character in many different ways, from changing its gender, skin and clothing to improving the quality of his board or getting new tricks. There are 9 different tracks which can be used for racing opponents and another set of 9 for slalom, freestyle and battles. In Sewer Run you will steer your longboard with your directional keys. If you want to do some tricks and get extra points, you will have to use the Z and X keys. Z is used for grabs and X for tricks. There are 8 different movements that can be achieved by combining these keys with the directional ones. If you manage to do the move properly, you will get a speed boost. You will notice a few special weapons throughout the level and if you collect them, you can use them against your opponents with your space bar. You will get medals depending on your score and position in the race. The best way to win this game is to make all the jumps and get extra speed. You shouldn't perform complicated tricks if you are not high enough because you will hit the ground and this will only slow you down.

Sewer Run will keep you entertained for hours and you will have fun unlocking new levels.

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