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OverSize - Racing Game

Oversize is a 4 championship truck racing game. You will race 4 different vehicles on 4 different tracks against 3 other racers. If you are good enough, you will win the game.

There are 4 types of races involved in each championship: the rookie race, the time attack, the mad race and the checkpoint race. In the first two championships, you won't have to win the races in order to advance to the next stage. However, you will have to dominate the last two tracks if you want to win the game and unlock free ride mode. The vehicle is controlled with the arrow keys, the space bar will give you a nitro boost, F will flip you over, R will set the truck back on the road and H is used for honking. In Oversize, the competitors are pretty fast. You will have to collect power-ups if you want to keep up. Some of these items will stop the engine of the other vehicles which can offer you a great advantage. One of the best things about this game is that you can save your progress. You will have to play it for a couple of hours if you want to win every race and you wouldn't want to start over if you don't have enough time to finish it in one go. Luckily, you can return to the game whenever you want.

Oversize is a great 3D racing game and the fact that you will be able to race in all four vehicles will keep you entertained.

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