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Troy - Action Game

Troy is a great strategy game which comes with an interesting story. You are basically the commander of an army and you have to fight off invaders which happen to come in waves. As you advance in level, the waves will become more and more powerful, with bigger troops and better weapons.

You will be able to control the main tower with the help of your keyboard and you will also have to create troops by clicking on a troop bar. If your soldiers manage to fight off the enemy, you will get gold. The more gold you have, the easier it will be for you to create more soldiers and you will also be able to buy some upgrades. Upgrading your troops or castle can only be done between levels, but creating new soldiers only happens during the war. The power of your tower will gradually increase and your army will gain stronger and faster soldiers if you have enough gold.

Troy consists of 21 levels and the screen is stationary. If the life bar of your tower decreases to zero, you will have to start from scratch. The aiming of the main weapon can be done with the directional arrows and the shooting with the space bar. The rest of your army is automatic, but you will have to create more soldiers depending on what happens during the game.

This strategy game can be fun if you are good with resources and if you have the right strategy for keeping Troy safe.

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