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Cab Driver
Cab Driver - Racing Game

Cab Driver is a 3D flash game which will take you around the streets of a city in search for new clients.

You can control your cab with the directional keys and you will be able to ride it throughout the city. There are three types of clients you can pick up: tourists, workers and managers. There are 6 rounds in total and the first one starts with a 3 and a half minute time limit. You need to keep an eye out for people who are searching for a cab. If you stop near them, they will enter your car and a point which marks the next destination will appear on your mini map. You should drive as fast as you can if you want to get a big tip, but you will get a smaller amount if you crash your car. In Cab Driver, you are not forced to take one passenger only. You can have up to three passengers in your cab and you will see three separate destination points and three smiley faces which represent the level of patience of each person. If your car gets damaged, you can pick up repair kits along the way. If you reach the minimum score, you can advance to the next level, but only when the time limit reaches 0.

You can also collect money off the road and this will certainly improve your overall ranking. Another great part of Cab Driver is the fact that you can continue from your last level even after you exit the game.

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