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Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean - Adventure Game

Pirates of the Caribbean is an adventure flash game in which you can play the role of Will Turner. You have to use your sword and pirate fighting abilities if you want to save Elizabeth Swann.

You can move the character with the directional keys and you can attack with the space bar. The only weapon you get is the sword, but some of your enemies will be a little stronger than you and they will use more sophisticated weapons. You will have to advance through some caves and avoid pirates, spikes coming out of the ground, darts and other traps. After you finish the level, you will have to fight a strong pirate. He will have a more effective weapon and the only way to defeat him is with a good strategy. You have 5 lives and if you die, you will start from your last known location. This is a good feature of Pirates of the Caribbean because you will most likely die during the final battles. There are 3 levels in total and you will see quite a few characters. You can collect coins if you want to get more points, but you won't find other power-ups. Some parts of the game can be puzzling, but you will surely figure it out if you pay attention.

Pirates of the Caribbean has great graphics for an online flash game and you will also enjoy the music and ambient sounds. The backgrounds are attractive and the game will easily draw your attention.

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