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Metal Slug 2
Metal Slug 2 - Adventure Game

Metal Slug 2 is the flash game you need if you want to fight against some soldiers in the middle of the rainforest.

You will fall down from the sky with what appear to be 5 Molotov Cocktails and a handgun with unlimited bullets. Enemies will immediately open fire and you will have to use your controls to avoid them. S is the key used for jumping, the directional keys for moving around the map and A represents the shooting button, while D the button for your secondary weapon. The good part about the game is that you will have to fight against all sorts of enemies: soldiers, tribe members, tanks, helicopters and even army trucks. You will be able to upgrade your gun to a flamethrower and other power ups will appear along the way.

On the down side, in Metal Slug 2 you will only have 6 lives and dying is not that difficult. 3 shots from the most basic enemy will kill you and this is exactly why you should be careful even from the beginning. A good feature of this side scrolling game is that you can also shoot upwards. This is great for killing the enemies which are standing right over you, but can't fire downwards.

Metal Slug 2 is an exciting adventure game and it won't offer you a chance to relax. You will be focused on it for hours and you will certainly enjoy playing it, as soon as you start getting the hang of it.

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