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Paper Mario World
Paper Mario World - Adventure Game

Paper Mario World is perfect for those who were expecting a flash Mario game similar to the first one that appeared on a console. The graphics are great and you might even have to lower them a bit if your computer is older.

You start off as Mario and you need to rescue the princess. You will have to use the directional keys for movement and besides jumping on your enemies to kill them, you can also use the space bar and a hammer will appear. There are many items that you will see around the game. The red mushroom will give you more power, the question mark block will give you a surprise, the exclamation point switch will have a special function and 3 coins will give you 3 hp. You need to stay far from all moving things and avoid blue mushrooms. You will have to face small, classical enemies in Paper Mario World, but there will also be some giant metal balls, giant bullets and many other foes which you have to avoid completely or try killing with your hammer. If you manage to unlock a secret, you can go back to the main page and use your password. There are instructions throughout the game and you will quickly learn how to play it. The game is basically about timing and precision. You need to be careful and concentrate on the jumps and on avoiding or killing your enemies.

If you do everything right in Paper Mario World, you will eventually get the princess.

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